Join me for the Forex 101 Workshop on Saturday the 6th, 13th or 20th of August 2016 in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban!

I'll teach you how to open a Forex account, trade it and understand everything you need to know to get started making money!

(I'll also throw in a FREE book valued at R597)

Timon Rossolimos is a South African professional trader, author and trading trainer.

Timon Rossolioms, Master Trader

Here are what a few of our subscribers had to say about Timon's previous events:

 “Timon explains technical terms in a simple way. He gives clear techniques without cluttering my mind with any confusion - Excellent!” - Herman Steyn

“I could never time market entry correctly before. Timon’s workshop has helped me to identify the positions! My overall impression of the: 9.5/10!”- Thys Uys

"Excellent event! Thought provoking presentations from experienced and knowledgeable speakers." RM

“Timon was extremely informative and easily to understand. He had a very helpful and open personality and made me feel at ease.” MF

“Timon’s workshop was very informative, and very intense! The examples were ‘real world’ and the workshop definitely met my expectations” Pierre Duvenhage

“Speaker clearly knows what he is talking about. He kept the attention of everyone. Presenter very energetic and kept attention. ” – Corrie Bezuidenhout 

“It was run very well and with lots of detailed information taught in a simple way” Brandan Rakusin

“The confidence inspired me and now I have a good understanding on what Forex trading is all about.” David Davey

I understood all the terms and topics, both were clear and to the point on what they wanted to say. And I appreciated that. This is the first seminar attended which was explained so well. I expected to learn something new and the seminar delivered that.”   Francisca Pretorius

“Hi Timon, I just made R2,800 in 2 days on your recommendation Bravo!!!! Send more tips!!! Regards Mario”

“My first trade gave me R35,000 exluding my initial investment. I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money” – V.N

“Dear Sir, Tim is an excellent trader who is cautious, methodical, dedicated and inspirational to fellow traders. He sticks to his trading plan and has excellent money management skills.It is always a pleasure interacting with him as a fellow trader. His advice is normally excellent and he is not a risk taker.” P.S


For the last three years, you’ve asked for it…
Traders all over South Africa have BEGGED me to teach them the basics of Forex trading - how to trade Forex and make money - without making the typical mistakes that cost new traders their shirts.

And now you’re going to get it.

On Saturday the 
6th, 13th or 20th of August 2016, I’m hosting the Forex 101 Workshop.

Join me at the Forex 101 Workshop in Johannesburg on Saturday the 
6th, 13th or 20th of August 2016, I promise you’ll walk out of the room knowing exactly how to:

1.    Open a Forex account with ease, so you are ready to make Forex trades whenever an opportunity presents itself
2.    Use a free Forex trading charting platform, no sweat, so you can understand when to place a trade
3.    Understand all of the basics of the Forex market so you can make smart trading decisions from day one
4.    Buy and sell your first, but not last, Forex trade to bank profits for the rest of your life
And I’ll guide you through each and every step of the way, until you GET IT!
I promise you'll learn everything you need to start cashing in on the Forex market right away:


  YES! Get me started trading Forex!

I'll personally guide you through the 
entire Forex trading process step by step

Join my Forex 101 Workshop on Saturday the 6th, 13th or 20th August 2016 and I'll personally guide you through the highly-profitable Forex trading process – one step at a time - just like I've taught hundreds of  Forex novices before you.

Whether you're a student, a housewife, retired, an entrepreneur or a cubical worker, you CAN trade Forex and start banking some pocket money, a side income or even a full pay cheque from the Forex market.

You don't need any special skills, education level, any particular experience or even a lot of money (R1,000 will do just fine) to get started. All you need is someone to show you just how easy it is to take up this exciting - and profitable - hobby from the comfort of your own home.

And that's where I come in.
I can show you exactly how fun and easy it is to make money from the exciting world of Forex trading!

Bottom line: My one day Forex 101 Workshop is
not just about teaching you how to start trading…

I’ll give you all the tools, tips and secrets you need to succeed as a private Forex trader - so you can make money quickly.
I'll walk you through the start-up process and show you how the charts work. This isn’t a mystery you need to be afraid of. Anyone can do it!
Together we’ll implement the techniques I've used and perfected over the decade to make money quickly.
I urge you to secure your seat today at my Forex 101 Workshop TODAY.

Forex profits are waiting… All you need to do is show up.

There is one catch though...

Space is strictly limited to 50 seats
and demand is EXTREMELY high 

How do I know?

Well my inbox is flooded with e-mails from you asking when I’m going to host an absolute beginner, low price, step-by-step guide to trading Forex - and I already have a waiting list  as long as my arm on my desk.  

If you want to be a Forex trader, you need to move fast.


  YES! Secure my seat now
I want to be a Forex trader

Secure your seat today. This is one day you don't want to miss.
But what about the cost? 

Well, as I'm sure you know, many Forex trader trainers charge upwards of R10,000 for a Forex seminar. But that's just not me. I want as many people as possible to discover the freedom that comes from starting a Forex trading side income. 

That's why I've persuaded FSPInvest to drop the price on this event down. Way down. All the way down to R995.

This is the most affordable Forex training event I've ever hosted. And I can't promise I'll ever offer an event at this price point again.

And besides, when you think about it, R995 is a small investment to learn a skill that could return unlimited gains.

After all, a couple of my recent Forex trades banked 74.07%, 181.28%, 31.91% and 145.99% - that's enough to turn R1,000 into R2,200 - and enough to cover the cost of your ticket in two quick trades!

So the real question is, how can you afford NOT to join us on 
on Saturday the 6th, 13th or 20th of August 2016?

Come on!

Join me at my Forex 101 Workshop in Johannesburg from 09:00 - 13:00 on Saturday the 6th, 13th or 20th of
 August 2016 and I will help you build the foundation for your own life-long Forex income stream.
I can’t wait to meet you! 
Book your seat today to make sure you don’t miss out. 

  YES! Secure my seat now
I want to be a Forex trader


Timon Rossolimos
Head Trader,

PS: Don’t forget, if you book your seat today you’ll receive a FREE copy of my Pocket Forex Profits Guide - worth R597 - to make sure you have all the tools you need to start you new favourite (and most profitable) hobby right away.

PPS: Before you run away, take a moment to read how trading Forex has changed these people's lives...

I want YOU to be one of these success stories too:

“Timon is very experienced and it is a magical seminar with a real teacher” K. du Plesis

“I came here to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Forex. This expectation was met. I understand technical patterns better and know when the trade is a high or medium probability”. – J. Snyman

“Eye-opener in deed. I realise that Forex trading needs patience and is not a get rich quick scheme” – M. Rakjole

“I now understand risk management and I’ve gained confidence” – Sophia Ngoasheng

 “It was well taught and articulated” S. Mateba
“Speaker clearly knows what he is talking about. He kept the attention of everyone. Presenter very energetic and kept attention. ” – Corrie Bezuidenhout

“Very informative and well presented” – Roy Draper

“Information was valuable and gave one insight on Forex trading” - Mkhusele

“It is one of the best as I have attended few others” – Alpheus Matuie

“Very interesting and educational” – Carrel Hanoke

“He is very knowledgeable about his trade and can transfer his knowledge.” – Jan Ehlers

“Eye opener about Forex market. I think I can place a trade now” – Protas Phili

“Simple explanations for a difficult field” – Koos Visser


  YES! Secure my seat now
I want to be a Forex trader

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